Thursday, August 20, 2015

Photos of "Puppet Museum (Museum Wayang), Jakarta"

hi guys!!! this is some pictures that represent how the situation inside and outside Puppet Museum (Museum Wayang). i hope you enjoy it and don't forget to also read my previous review about Puppet Museum (Museum Wayang) in here. i hope you like ^^

[this is the situation outside Puppet Museum]
[the hall]

[a letter written in dutch and idk what it means]

[the walls are filled with carved inscription in Dutch]

[puppets from another country]

[indonesia traditional mask]

[a horse puppet]

[some puppet collection]

[puppets made of reeds]
[i seriously forgot it's name, but i'm pretty sure that this is indonesian famous puppets character]
[a puppets made by elementary school kids]

[me and my friends near the exit gate]

[jakarta famous puppets called ondel-ondel]

[charter stating that the museum officially opened]

[souvenir shop near exit door]

[street food]

[they also provide a bike rent]

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