Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Photos of "Keraton Cliff (Tebing Keraton), Bandung"

you can also read my review in here : 

Review " Keraton Cliff (Tebing Keraton), Bandung." [Eng/Ind-trans]


[ a path that will lead us to Keraton Cliff]

[a pathway with green scenery]

[some great scenery]

[oops...looks like we come late. the sun getting brighter]

[wrong outfit!!! i should have never wear long jeans, because in the end my jeans getting wet T_T]

[a scenery at the top of keraton cliff]

[everyone, welcome to keraton cliff!!!]

[left side scenery from the top of keraton cliff]

[scenery again, never getting bored of it]

[a pathway to exit gate]

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