Friday, February 5, 2016

[Review] FarmHouse Bandung

it' s a nice picture isn't it ?

who wouldn't love to take a nice picture of ourselves?
everyone love to take a picture, right?
everyone love it once they take a picture and share it in instagram lots of people love their photo, right?
looking for a perfect place to take a picture that can make all of your relatives jealous once you share it?
or were you looking for a nice place to shoot a pre-wedding photos?
or are you a family with kids and trying to go on a vacation to make lots of memories by taking a picture of your kids?
or do you want to take a picture like this?

Then this place is a right place for you to come to take a lot of good picture since it has a nice architecture in it that can make you feel like you were in dutch. Farmhouse Bandung Located in Jln. Raya Lembang No. 108 Lembang, Bandung.  FarmHouse Bandung is a new tourist destination that provide a nice place for tourist to take a really good picture. in Farmhouse Bandung, we will felt like we are in dutch or new zealand since the architecture is made like a traditional dutch houses. and a good thing is that they also make a replica of  hobbit and dwarf house so we don't need to go that far just to take a picture of hobbit house.

although they have a nice place to take a picture and a cheap ticket price (since you can exchange the ticket with milk or sausage), i still give them 3 out of 5 because they don't have other attraction than just taking a picture. i thought they named it farmhouse because they have an attraction that can educate kids like planting or how farmer makes milk or teach them how they should take advantage of milk. wouldn't that be more interesting than just taking a picture? at least they should provide some tourist attraction that can be both enjoyed by adult or kids. if you want tourist to stayed for longer time at least provide some tourist attraction, because not everyone in the world would love to take a picture for a long time. some of people will get tired easily for taking a lot of picture and since there is nothing that can entertain them they will just leave like that and tell their relatives to not come to this place.
and although it's kinda easy to reached this place since there are public transportation but once it's weekend it'll take you a long time to arrived because of the traffic jam. well actually not only in weekend but during weekdays it'll also take a long time to be there by using car.

Note :

- this place is good for having a trip with friends
- i don't recommend this place to go on vacation with your parents because they easily get bored, but when you have a cool mom or dad who like to take a picture the it'll be fine
- in weekend usually family with children take over this place. like seriously there are so many kids who are running around.
- any kind of camera is fine as long as you can edit it


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