Sunday, February 7, 2016


today i was watching an singing survival show in television, as i was watching it in silent suddenly i was thinking about today interview. at the interview they asked me about what kind of dream that i want to achieved? what kind of thing that i have been dreamed of to do? what will i be in 20 years from now on? and what kind of life i want to live in future? to be honest i have never thought of those thing in my life, i never care either. but i was watching a television waiting for my favorite show alone, i can't help but to think about those question. and i realized that all this time i have never done something special and  all i ever think is just to enjoy what i do now. somehow this make me feel sorry to my mom, she is pretty, easy going, wise, smart, and after all she was a lawyer. unlike her, i am completely different, i'm not pretty (neither ugly), and i'm not really that smart, i lack at many things. sometimes i feel like the world is unfair i have a lot of friends who is good at a lot of think, for example A she's good at playing instrument, born in a rich family, cute, smart, loved by lots of people; B she's pretty even without make up, smart, has lucky on her side, also born in rich family, loved by teachers, good at lot of things, part of national choir; and my cousin she's good at leading people, for her age she's wise, smart, good at foreign language, loved by big family, never had a hardship, has a harmonize family. but i, i'm not good at lot of thing i was trying as hard as i can to be good at sport but it just doesn't work, i also try to sing but it just that i have a weird voice; i'm not pretty either that is why i often use a make up to make me look prettier; i'm not born in rich family, when i was a kid my family have a problem with financial. as i was thinking it down, i realize that i haven't done something that can make my parents proud, and i realize that from now i should at least list down what i want to do and what i want to be and have a strength to face the hardship that will come whenever they want. so here is my list :

my goals :

2 years from now - i'll be able to travel to east asia and learn about their culture
5 years from now - i'll be able to see my self  to study aboard which i've always dreamed of and my destination will be australia
10 years from now - i'll be able to start my own business after having lots of experience as a staff
15 years from now - i'll be able to travel to europe or middle east
20 years from now - i'll be able to open a lot of branch of my own business
25 years from now - i want to have my own tourist attraction
30 years from now - i want to live at the village and have a cow that i'll treat and take a milk from it everyday


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