Thursday, February 26, 2015

Between real friends and fake friend

Hi guys, now i'm in my first year of college and for me it's totally different from high school? Why ? because i met a lot of those fake friends.
Well ever since the first time i got into this college world some people start wanting to be friends with me. Because i don't want to have an awkward relationship between each of my friends so i introduce  one to another. And things go on we have a good relationship. Until suddenly one of them like trying to keep me out of the group slowly. I still remember those moment they borrow my phone just to take a picture but they never ask me to take a picture with them, a moment when they took a picture in front of me and sharing it on instagram and keep saying things like "like my picture please and i'll like yours too" because i was a good friend so i do it (why am i so stupid), a moment when they want to hangout together but never one of them ask me to join, a moment when they always look feel annoyed whenever i try to join their conversation.
And the climax is today, when me and some new friend (which more loyal than them) are going to cafetaria and one of those fake friends was not asked whether she want to come with us or not by me is getting angry. And i was trying to say sorry but she keep ignoring, one of my friends said just let her self she'll calm down any minutes but in reality it didn't happen. And the worst part is i'm pretty sure she and the two others were talking behind my back. Because when we are about to go home those three were keep teasing me not that they were kidding more like they were trying to make me down or make me embressed. I was really sad at that time. They left me out and i didn't mad at all. They broke a promise and i still didn't get mad. They make me wait for them like 1 hours and i was trying as hard as i can not to get mad. Then this is what i get from them. I know god is fair, i hope someday i won't meet those people again.
And guess what when i pretend i got sick only one of those three is actually really care, you can tell that by it's eyes

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